Perma JackŪ

The Solution for Vertical Settlement

The Perma Jack system is a patented process designed to stop settlement of residential and commercial buildings. It is a permanent, fast and economical solution. Installation is often accomplished without major excavation.

How the Perma Jack System Works

An opening is made adjacent to the foundation and enough dirt is removed so that the Perma Jack bracket can be placed under the foundation. This bracket, a strong structural weldment, is permanently installed under the foundation. Next, a pier formed from one or more pipe support columns is placed through the bracket. These pipe support columns are aligned and tightly connected by a column connector.


Hydraulic pressure is then applied to force the pier into the ground until it hits bedrock or equal load-bearing strata. The competency of the bearing material is verified by the very nature of the tested installation. Steel piers are positioned wherever needed under the structure to effectively support the foundation.


Pier spacing is 5 ft. to 10 ft. range depending upon weight of structure, construction of stem wall (ie., poured concrete, concrete block, field stone, etc.) and general conditions of foundation/load bearing walls.


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