Abe Jack™

The Solution for Horizontal Movement

The Abe Jack system is capable of straightening and reinforcing basement walls to give the strength needed to resist earth pressure. In block or poured walls, problems can be caused by earth, hydrostatic, and frost pressure.

Block wall cracks in basements usually create mid-wall bowing. The Abe Jack system provides fast and easy repair.

Cracks in poured basement walls usually create top wall displacement. The Abe Jack system corrects the problem by applying pressure on the tipped area. The Abe Jack is versatile enough to slide up or down and lock to exert pressure at several points, thus making it possible to correct complex wall displacement.


The Abe Jack system continues to work after the wall is straightened. The steel wall reinforcing beams provide continued support, safeguarding against potential future problems. The beams are secured by steel bolts, which are bolted into the concrete floor and footing and wedged against the wall. The beam's top is secured by bracing into the floor joists for extra strength.


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